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Red Mullet Creative was engaged to design a 20 page report on the Murray Darling Basin. DELWP is currently implementing a 20 year watering plan to help restore and protect the Murray Darling Basin and it's associated river systems and environment. So the report required creating a number of infographs to help reduce text content and create increase the efficiency of visual communication. 




Chi Toulou is an ethical brand who exports raw  unrefined shea butter from West Africa to the rest of the world. This pure form of shea is made by the village women of Burkina Faso communities and so required a natural, ethical and beautiful representation of this amazing skin care product.


Red Mullet designed the brand, website, packaging, brochures and in store retail marketing for kick off in Europe with the hope to eventually bring the brand to Australia.


The Choice Capital design brief was about taking a refreshing different approach to the traditionally corporate world of financial services. They wanted to steer away from the boring and head towards a down to earth, fun look by conveying their warm, friendly and intelligent approach to the fact that they actually care about their clients.


Their beautiful warehouse style office space was the inspiration behind the styling which was applied to a fully customised website, stationery and advertising material.


After having products appear on  the hit TV series 'The Block', Entanglements already had a solid following in the DIY market, but wanted to grow their new range to target architectural and landscape design audiences.


This 100 page catalogue beautifully showcases the Entanglements range of rust and metal art panels, sculptures and furnishings in a gallery style setting. It utilises a carefully considered layout, natural colour pallet and modern typography techniques to communicate effectively and capture the attention of it's desired market. 


Shannon Cain, founder of Divetime Productions has a deep seated passion for sharks. He travels the globe filming sharks because he simply wants to share and inspire an appreciation rather than a fear of these magestic creatures, that is often driven by media hype.


The logo represents a camera aperture lens, encompassing the most recogniseable aspect of the shark - it's fin.


CliffCare along with Parks Victoria required a series of informative panels to attract attention and educate the visiting climbing community and school groups on the current issues regarding the Arapiles-Tooan State Park, which is a popular world class rock climbing area. 

The artwork required a sense of fun as well as being serious enough to create concern and action. Limitations of a minimal budget and one week time frame for ten panels meant the design was largely based on vector graphics, colour and typographical hierarchy to communicate efficiently. 


The Victorian Environmental Water Holder is an independent statutory body which prioritises and coordinates environmental watering in rivers and wetlands across the state. Red Mullet Creative was engaged by VEWH to produce this 60 page booklet that reports on the annual developments for each water system in the State.


The design of a colour coded system for each water catchment area, and attention to typographical hierarchy systems assisted in conveying a large amount of information in an easy to navigate design.



The Koala Cherries brand has been designed to work in both a wholesale and retail environment. This contemporary design is a unique approach to the agriculture industry and it represents a high quality product by a family owned business who are way ahead of the game.


The brand is clean, simple, sophisticated and compliments the rich dark red hues of it's fruit content. Since redeveloping the brand and packaging, Koala Cherries has grown to distribute both nationally and internationally through independent grocers, Coles supermarkets and lucrative Asian export markets.


This ambitious project required branding with punch. South Gippsland Tank Adventures is an 'experience product'. The marketing needed to appeal to not only tank enthusiasts, but also families and holiday makers to the South Gippsland area. It needed to be tough, but with an element of fun.

The roll out includes a series of press advertising and touring show banners, clothing and flags. Keep an eye out for it and if you're ever looking for a different kind of adventure in the mountains check these guys out - truely one of my most bizarre and fun jobs.


Matso's Broome Brewery is a popular tropical West Australian tourist destination. They were an established microbrewery that needed a facelift in order to expand from tap beers, into the competitive retail world of the bottled beer market.


The design uses simple, conservative graphics that appeal to a wide audience and reflect the bright warm colours of the region - and the jovial characteristics of it's people. We applied the graphics to a series of labels, six packs, cartons, tap decals and marketing collateral .


Job Site Recyclers clean residential construction sites throughout Victoria and recycle 90% of the waste they remove. Red Mullet are honoured to be working with such an inspiring business model that continues to grow from strength to strength.


Red Mullet Creative along with Peach Business Management have helped JSR to develop a tough and simple brand design which has since been applied to stationery, vehicles, signage and a range of promotional material both printed and online.


Dreamlab runs workshops and psychotherapy sessions that allow people to utilise their dreams in a therapeutic manner. The brand required a delicate balance of creativity of the dream world, but also the professionalism of a credible psychotherapy service.


This unique and soulful brand story was portrayed by using the idea that when we dream, our thoughts take flight. The display of multiple birds flying in formation depicts a sense of organisation within the chaos of our dreams.


After seeing a series of signs Red Mullet designed for a previous Parks Vic project, I was approached to do a second series for the Gunbower Forest.


Gunbower Forest is a unique flooding area on the Murray River which at controlled times throughout the year, creates it's own island. Red Mullet worked with Green Edge Environmental to create a series of 6 interpretive signage panels for educating visitors about the flooding, fishway facilities, flora, fauna and sustainability issues of the park. These also included QR codes containing links to further information and maps of the park.


Over the years Red Mullet has worked with many cellar door vineyards to produce high end packaging solutions tailored to suit a range of brand personalities. 


Here we showcase a selected range of designs that utilise a range of print techniques from foiling and embossing, through to budget conscious single colour applications.



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