I like to call what I do "art with purpose". That's not to say that other art forms do not have purpose, because they absolutely do. But graphic design purely exists because there is an initial identified need to communicate.


After working as a professional graphic designer since 1998, I have extensive experience in most aspects of the graphic art arena, from humble beginnings in printing and pre-press, right through to high end boutique design agencies.


I've always kept a down to earth approach to my work and strive to closely relate it to my love of the great outdoors, and the support of ethical business and the sustainability movement.


Whilst I am the driver behind Red Mullet Creative, I call upon a tried and tested team of professionals who's skills compliment mine. They range from photography, illustration and film making through to web programming, copy writing and business strategy.


I'm well travelled, seek adventure always, and immerse myself in nature as much as possible. After all, nature is the best designer.


Why engage Red Mullet Creative?

Red Mullet is small but packs a big punch. You receive a high level of creative expertise for a fraction of the cost of a large design agency.  


Red Mullet Creative is here to help your business fly in a way that sets you apart from your competitors, and sits within your budget. Many businesses (especially start ups) shy away from the costs of quality design services. If you think good design is expensive, you should carefully consider the cost of bad design. Red Mullet is a modest and environmentally conscious operation that does not require expensive design studio leases or the latest trending office furniture. My business model aims to maintain minimal overheads that allow the savings to be passed on to you.


I work hard to provide a design service that creates working relationships built on trust, good design and the growth of your business. You are dealing directly with the designer and not an account manager, or receptionist which saves time, money and communicates far more efficiently.


Why do I do what I do?

I love to simplify. I love thinking about how other people think. I get a kick out of creative problem solving by making the complex easy to understand and pleasing to the eye.


I naturally relate to a wide variety of people and understand where they're coming from. My work allows me an avenue to promote positive change, to learn about different industries, meet motivated people and help them get their message out in a creative way that communicates effectively.


I also do what I do, because like many people in life, I went through some tough times early on that affected my health and wellbeing in ways I could never have imagined. After gaining ten years experience as a graphic design employee, I took a leap of faith and started Red Mullet Creative to alleviate the pressures of my health issues, and stay afloat financially. What I have discovered in the process, is that something which felt horribly crippling, actually became my saviour. It forced me to leave my comfort zone and back myself in the big wide world of business. That was in 2008.

Still growing.
Still learning.
Still inspired.


I create graphic artwork for a wide range of marketing purposes for small to medium sized business, and offer a freelance graphic design and art direction service for larger companies. 


I help clients to create the facade of their business and what it stands for, by means of branding and I apply it to a wide range of applications like those featured in my portfolio.  


As a freelancer for larger business, I assist with brand roll outs and retaining brand strength and consistency. Hiring me on a contract freelance basis saves you costs on hiring employees, software and equipment, and ensures the job is done right first time. 


Whether the purpose is to educate, shock, inspire, promote, invoke emotion or some kind of response, there is always a psychological goal behind what I do. It is this marriage of psychology and art which separates good graphic design from it's less effective comparisons. Well thought out design is the silent seller, it doesn't always need to shout. 


By listening. By asking the right questions. By taking the time to research. By living and breathing the task until the solution emerges.


The design process can be as long as piece of string. The more clear you are about what you want to achieve, the more efficiently the solution arrives. Quoting is based on the length of time predicted to do the job, and what your budget is set to. I communicate with clients via phone, email, skype, pdf presentations and will come to you when meeting in person is required.


We begin by going through a design briefing process to provide the parameters and purpose behind the design. It then evolves through a series of drafts and I'm always working with you, listening to your feedback and aiming to exceed your expectations.


At the end of the day, yes I can help you to attract business the first time around. But it's the quality of your product and service that will bring business back the second. So if you believe in your vision, you have a plan, and you're serious about making it a reality, get in touch.



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“Design is the feather that helps the arrow fly.
Not the one you put in your hat."